Grassroots Push – Get Anti-Illiana Petition to 500 Signatures!

Writing a petition against the Illiana Tollroad, a proposed project to connect I-55 near Wilmington, IL with I-65 near Lowell, IN, was important to me to show the powers at be that opposition to this project is not just coming from organizations, but also from people living in Illinois and Indiana and the area where the Illiana is supposed to be built.

Getting this petition and others to the governors of Illinois and Indiana is key in slowing the progress of and ultimately stopping the construction of this boondoggle. In addition to them, this petition will be sent to the executives of the counties in the Chicago MSA, Northwest Indiana, and the state DOTs to reinforce their need to put pressure on Gov. Rauner in Illinois and Gov. Pence in Indiana to close the books on the Illiana once and for all.

It might be easy for leaders outside the affected counties to ignore the problem, but that could do more harm than good. The potential costs and irrational prioritization of the Illiana won’t just cost the two states significant amounts of money, but also result in a diversion of funds from other needy projects, including basic maintenance and repairs and other transportation expansion projects.

Make your voice heard, express your disapproval of the Illiana, show the states of Illinois and Indiana that we’re better off without the tollroad and do so by signing this petition and others.

Please share, re-post, and tweet this petition to help get the last 48 signatures needed to achieve the 500 goal!