Petition Against the Illiana: The last big push

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Today may be the day for a last big push against the Illiana Tollroad. The project is a certifiable boondoggle planned for the southern edge of Chicagoland straddling the Illinois and Indiana boarders.

While the project had big support from former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, it has lost such clear-cut support with the newly elected Gov. Bruce Rauner. He has put the project on hold since taking office in order to reevaluate major infrastructure investments. Since then the Indiana side has also put the project on hold.

This PETITION, which only needs 62 more signatures to hit a goal of 500, is now being included in work by the US Public Research Interest Group’s (US PIRG) 21st Century Transportation Campaign seeking to stop the project. The goal is to ensure the fiscally constrained State of Illinois uses its transit dollars on road, bridge, rail, and public transit projects that are truly beneficial and not boondoggles.

The halt on further work is a hopeful sign, but this also means opponents of the project need to push hardest now to make sure it is known that there is broad and diverse opposition to this project–each stance with good merit.

If you oppose this project, please sign this PETITION to be sent to various elected and influential figures in Illinois and Indiana and make it known that opposition to this exists.

Sign the PETITION.