Wild animals in the streets of Paris

The city is full of all sorts of charms and this post shows a Parisian artist’s whimsical take on the the concrete “jungle”. Cities are fantastic in that they support both rogue artists and sponsored artists that take the urban landscape and add touches than both delight and engage the passerby. By viewing the city as a living canvas we make it more livable by interacting with it in a way that makes it our own, rather than just moving through it. This is a concept that I think is more embraced in European cities than it is in American cities. The disdain for making urban walls a canvas here I think roots itself in the use of graffiti for tags and gang markings. However, embracing and taking such activity back and turning it into art means citizens take back the city. This should be inspiration to do just that. It would also add to the daily surprises we encounter adding more interest to our lives.



Sophie, Photographe since 2010 sticks her animal portraits in Paris, to create fun and intriguing situations. She thoroughly prepares each installation as each animal must find its place in space, the neighborhood, the street…  A walking elephant, an owl landed on a cable, a giraffe coming out of the door… all images are perfectly integrated into the detail of the urban environment. The city, architecture, and decor appear to the viewer along with the strange animal is distinguished…

Sophie’s Animals on the streets of Paris has been included as part of Centre Pompidou Hors pistes 2012 (ref. interview). © All images courtesy of the artist

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