Light pillars over Ontario

A few such photos have popped up on social media this season, perhaps because of the unending cold in the Midwest and eastern portions of North America. Its always interesting to see the interactions between cities and natural phenomena. This is personally a testiment to my belief that cities shouldn’t been viewed in a vaccuum–humanity versus nature–rather as the natural built habitat of homo sapiens and thus treated as part of the natural world. I’ve never encountered somebody arguing that birds’ nests or terminte colonies are not natural because they’re built, why do we do the same with cities? Thoughts inspired by nature.


Light pillars form when a bright light (from the sun, the moon or man-made light sources) reflects off the surfaces of millions of falling ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds. The pillars, which are often mistaken for UFO sightings, are typically seen in polar regions and they might lengthen or brighten as you gaze at them.
Photographer Jay Callaghan shot the beautiful photo below, on his back deck in 25 February at 1:45 am , as he was looking northeast toward Chemong Road in Peterborough, Ontario.


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