Under Construction

Welcome future readers,

Unfortunately I still have very little content, but I’m creating this blog as a way to present my ideas and thoughts about urban planning and development, architecture sustainable living etc in a public forum. Hopefully this will act both as a way to communicate with like minded people and grow from such interactions as well as become a sort of ‘portfolio’ for designs and plans I hope soon to present in a more professional way.

I believe cities are a key to the future–it is in cities that the best human interactions occur, culture and science are cultivated, ingenuity flourishes and the key to a sustainable future lies.

I believe in both a practical approach to planning that embraces old and new trends (especially trends seen in Europe), the implementation of technology wisely (but not dependent on technology) and the use of bold and visionary ideas to spur the imagination and create excitement even if it such plans are steeped in practicality and simplicity.